Internship evaluation

Jiri Sedlacek 

Construction Architect, Internship from February 2019 - July 2019 


Describe your school and field of study:

UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole - Architectural Technology and Construction Management 3,5 years Bachelor study program concentrated on Design, Management in Construction and Building process from Proposal until finish the construction.


Why did you apply for an internship at DOMUS?

Domus seems for me like high quality company, with fair professional attitude, possibilities to grow, but mainly, what I appreciate the most was attitude of the main director, who considered my qualities relevant to work, instead of caring about my level of Danish, which is, in most of the tasks, not so necessary


What kind of assignments and task have you worked with during your internship at DOMUS?

Mainly Project Proposal phase, 3D modeling in AutoCAD or Revit, sketches in Sketchup, but also activities out of the office such as preregistration contains photo and measures documentation


Describe the difference between studying and working as an intern at DOMUS?

Well, main difference is probably, that you are not working with all building process anymore, but you are concentrated more on some specific part and doing that very detailed. In overall it requires more effort, concentration and responsibility. But I would say, that in Domus they start with you very easy, so you are not overloaded since very beginning.


What did you learn at DOMUS?

I got a lot of new experience with 3D modeling in new programs and improve my skills in those, which I already used to work with. I also understand building-process-flow more detailed. But I also learned how to deal with people as customers, coworkers and what are the values of team spirit. And beside all these qualities, I learned how to make ice coffee without ice :D


Did the internship change your perspective on the building industry?

Definitely. More you see, more you understand. And Domus show me a lot!


Did the internship expose you to unknown areas within the building industry or unexpected interests?

I wouldn’t say unexpected, but since Domus gave me space to see and learn new thing, I explore other possibilities, which I can do with my Degree. And in the building field are types of work very varied.


What were your expectations from internship in Domus and how was the reality?

My expectations were to start with something I know, later develop and improve my skills, and in the end to understand job description. And basically, all of that happen, even more. Domus provide me place to learn, show up new ways and have been flexible for instance in case of my second part-time job. I cannot be more satisfied.


Other comments:

I would like to thanks to all my coworkers for their helpful and fair attitude.
All of you make my stay in Domus priceless experience. I wish you all the best in upcoming projects and hopefully long sunny summer.


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